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Controlling Condensation in a Shared Home

A five person household can create in excess of 20 liters of moisture per day. When air cools, it can’t retain all this moisture so some of it will condense into small droplets of water. These droplets tend to form on cold surfaces. Unfortunately, if this happens in your bedroom, moisture will soak into the wall creating a musty smell & possibly the growth of mould.

Modern features such as double glazing and loft insulation whilst important to keep our homes warm, can cause problems associated with poor air circulation. Where there is inadequate ventilation, condensation and stale air can result. This can become a problem when doors and windows remain closed all day. Although this is not normally an issue in a family home – shared houses can keep moisture ‘locked up’.

Fortunately this only occurs during the condensation season October to March. In order to avoid causing you of your fellow housemates a problem, please remember the following points. condensation
1. When washing clothes, wherever possible, it is better to dry your clothes outside. Please

DO NOT DRY CLOTHES IN YOUR ROOM WITH THE DOOR SHUT. If this is not possible, put them in the bathroom, with the door closed and the bathroom fan on or with a window open.

2. When cooking, cover pans and avoid leaving kettles on the boil.

3. It is important to make sure your room is adequately ventilated when you go out to work. If safe to do so, leave your windows slightly open and doors ajar during the day.

4. Remember to allow enough space between the walls and your furniture/belongings to allow air to freely circulate.

4. If we have issued you with a dehumidifier, please ensure that your window remains shut and that you leave the unit to run on the timer whilst you’re out during the day. Keep a regular check on the water reservoir and empty when necessary. Reduce use during the summer period.

5. When bathing please ensure that doors are closed and that extractor fans remain turned on

Remember, modern houses, just like you, need to breathe... 

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