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What about if I cannot wait in for an engineer?

If it is an emergency you are contractually obliged to stay where you are & report the issue immediately or you may be liable for damage and legal costs. You must do all you can to prevent damage to the property - whether you reported the issue or not.  

For non emergencies - it's really down to you and how badly you want your issue resolved. Our teams are very efficient - in most cases they will give you a morning or afternoon slot and sometimes a four hour window. You will need to discuss the issue with your housemates and share this responsibility - it is part of being a responsible tenant. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide staff to sit in and wait for you. A house share is designed to provide  comfortable and affordable accommodation to you as a tenant but not (as much as we'd like be able to) as a hotel guest.       

Please note: we will only access the property by ourselves to conduct General Maintenance. From more information on what this covers - see FAQ: How do I report general maintenance & what does this cover? 

 Last updated Wed, 18 Jan 2017 12:00am

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