Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my electrical appliances fixed?


For service or repair of your appliance - please call 0333 200 8899. When prompted press option 1 for Homecare. When the automated system asks for a homecare agreement number press ‘star’ and then a phone number press ‘star’ again to bypass these. When prompted say you need "Appliance Repair". The system will tell you you can use the website and asks if you want to be texted a link, say no and go directly to an agent. Please clearly explain that you are a tenant and that you want to book an appointment to fix your appliance. You will need to quote your property address and the landlord's name (CHRISTOPHER WARNER).

More info: please read THE BIG YELLOW service sticker on the front of the appliance. If the yellow sticker is not present - let us know and we will put one on. 

What are your contractual responsibilities?

For non-emergencies - it's down to you and how badly you want your issue resolved. Our teams are very efficient - in most cases, they will give you a morning or afternoon slot and sometimes a four-hour window. You will need to discuss the issue with your housemates and share this responsibility - it is part of being a responsible tenant. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide staff to sit in and wait on your behalf. A house share is designed to provide comfortable and affordable accommodation to you as a tenant but not (as much as we'd like to be able to) as a hotel guest.         


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