Frequently Asked Questions

Why are emergency plumbing/drains boilers & appliances not covered under general maintenance?

We aim to keep your rent as affordable as possible. To do this we chose reliable companies that help us provide a more efficient and better service.

Our third party electrical appliance & plumbing companies have access to specialist technicians, spare parts and equipment that general contractors do not. 
They also cover out of hours emergencies like blocked drains, that again general contractors do not. 

As with all rental agreements - it is your responsibility to organize and book a technician when your appliance or plumbing/drainage system is faulty.

1. To report an emergency plumbing or drains issue please read your house notice board and the FAQ > I have an emergency water leak or blocked drain - what shall I do?

2. For service or repair of your appliance - please call 0800 048 1000. 

Please read THE BIG YELLOW service sticker on the front of the appliance. 

Note: if the yellow sticker is not present - let us know and we will put one on. 


 Last updated Wed, 18 Jan 2017 12:00am

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